Nonsense in the media – acupuncture, pain and the brain

Endel innlegg på disse sidene vil hentes fra engelske nettsteder. Det har seg slik at de mest aktive og kanskje beste (?) forskerne innen manuellterapi finnes i utlandet. Teksten under er hentet fra Lorimer Mosleys side BodyInMind


I hope that title got your attention. The Telegraph (UK) has just published a story on a brain imaging study of acupuncture for pain relief. The article is titled:

Acupuncture ‘lessens pain in brain not body’

Scientists discover acupuncture works by making the brain, rather than the body, no longer experience pain, according to new research

I wish this sort of thing wouldn’t happen because the tag line makes absolutely no sense. My point is the brain doesn’t experience pain, nor does the body, it is the person who experiences it – the brain produces it and it is felt in the body. This may seem to be not very important but, by implying that pain is an entity that exists somewhere, much like an injury, pathogen or perhaps an alien, confirms and strengthens an inaccurate conceptualisation of pain.»

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