‘When the lights really went on’ – inspirerende NOI Notes

Can you recall a time when you have had a sudden and massive shift in thinking ‘when the lights really went on’? We are often asked about the possibility of big learning shifts during one on one therapy sessions (manual or education therapy), or in group education sessions.
People ask, «can someone really just get the explain pain message instantly and have a huge cognitive shift with beneficial behavioral changes?» It kind of goes against traditional Hebbian concepts of learning as an incremental event of synapses «firing together and wiring together». These rapids shifts, if they do occur, are too fast to attribute to wiring changes. Something else is going on! Hele innlegget finner du her.

 Nok en gang er NOI Notes inspirerende lesning. Flott lesning på en fredag. Enjoy!

Hele innlegget finner du her.

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