Er det behandlingen som gjør oss bedre mon tro? #MT

Her var en flott artikkel som belyser det faktum at det ikke nødvendigvis er behandlingen man har fått som virker, selvom man føler seg bedre etter behandling.

Jeg håper "alle" leser denne her før neste besøk hos en behandler.

"The best we can do (which I strive for on this site) is to base our decisions and theories on the best evidence available. A part of most (if not all) training to become a healthcare practitioner involves learning what good evidence is. Still, healthcare practitioners fall victim to biases and logical fallacies all the time. So do I, and so do you.

But that’s okay! In fact, it should be expected.

This is why the scientific method exists.

Science isn’t some institution or authority, nor is it something nerds invented to make themselves feel cool for discovering things. Science is a method of testing things in a way that attempts to weed out our errors in thinking, and see if something truly works.

How do we know if something works (or doesn’t)?"

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Why Science? Part 1 – Because We're Usually Wrong | BBOY SCIENCE
Why science is important in the world of medicine, health and fitness: things seem to work when they actually don't! Find out why.

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