Hjernetrim reduserer kroniske smerter

Her kommer en artikkel fra ivillage.com om speilterapi for kroniske smerter. Studiene kommer fra South Australia som jeg har skrevet om endel tidligere her. #MT  Mer om Graded Motor Imagery her: http://www.gradedmotorimagery.com/

“Graded Motor Imagery changes the brain’s neurosignature,” says Robert Johnson, a GMI instructor and physical therapist in Chicago who specializes in chronic pain management. “If your brain has been running on one circuit for a long time – a circuit that tells you that it hurts when you move in certain ways – by doing these or other GMI exercises over and over you break that circuit and gradually begin to replace that message with one that says, ‘I’m okay. I can move without pain.’ The more you practice those exercises, the easier it becomes for your brain to run on that new circuit. I work with people who have fibromyalgia and complex regional pain syndrome who have said that even though they’re still taking medication and seeing their physicians, the GMI program has made a significant impact on dampening down their fears and allowing them to feel less threatened about movement.”

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Train Your Brain, Reduce Your Chronic Pain – iVillage
Graded Motor Imagery is a new mind-body therapy that may reduce chronic pain


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