Overpronasjon er ikke roten til alle fotonder

Nigg reveals that foot orthotics, which are devices designed to align misaligned feet, are actually not aligning the skeleton at all. In fact, Nigg’s book reveals many disturbing facts about orthotics, shoes and inserts: including that there is weak evidence orthotics lessen injury. Furthermore, changes in skeletal alignment due to inserts or shoes are inconsistent and minor.

Nigg then reviews foot, ankle and leg biomechanic research and shows that there is no evidence that excessive pronation when walking or running is a cause of injury. This finding is dramatic because many podiatrists believe excessive pronation is the root of many foot problems. #MT   #Fysioterapi   #Manuellterapi   #såler
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Biomechanics of Sport Shoes: The Disturbing Truth About Running Shoes, Inserts and Foot Orthotics | America's Podiatrist
Dr. Benno Nigg's new book The Biomechanics of Sport Shoes warns us that foot orthotics may be beneficial in the short run but over the long term may create significant problems.

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