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This is the best plugin to feed you wordpress blog from G+. With this great plugin by +Daniel Treadwell you are able to blog from G+ as your main platform. You can choose all G+ posts or specific keywords to be fed to your wordpress blog. Comments made in G+ gets updated on the wordpress blog.

So if you are not yet ready to move your blog to G+ as +Mike Elgan so elegantly explained in this post –>

this is the plugin to use. 🙂

See how this post is displayed here – just as an example.

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Reshared post from +Daniel Treadwell

Google+Blog for WordPress 1.2

Google+Blog for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to import your Google+ Public posts (and their comments) as blog posts into your WordPress setup. There is a free version and a paid version ($10), both of which can be found at

Paid users, please update by going to to download. Where 'YourTransactionId' is the number emailed to you.

Update Details

– Avatars are now displayed against user comments
– Google API changes related to images are handled
– Problems with embedded links not displaying thumbnails fixed
– Youtube videos are now embedded, allowing better viewing on mobile devices.
– Reshared posts are again importing after API changes

To update please deactivate and delete the existing plugin prior to installing this one.


Keep your suggestions coming as they are what guides the development of this plugin. Also be sure to log any bugs you have found with me. Updates will start to slow down a little now as the plugin becomes more stable but be sure to check my posts for the latest news regarding the plugin.


There is an explanation of each of the settings for the plugin in a prior post that can be found here: 

If you think you need a little more help with the plugin +Nancy Messieh  of TheNextWeb wrote up a great post detailing the steps to go through to get things up and running. Check it out here:


If you are experiencing problems with the plugin not working at all, there can be conflicts with other plugins and themes, especially in relation to comments. Message me privately with these issues including the settings you are using as well as any errors you may be receiving and I will do my best to help you get it all up and running.

Thanks for the continued support.

Your reshares are appreciated.

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The Google+ musings of Daniel Treadwell
Google+ Blog Concept – Daniel Treadwell. View your Google+ Posts in the form of a clean and simple blog. Also home of the Google+Blog WordPress plugin.

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3 Responses to Google+Blog for WordPress updated

  1. Vegard Ølstørn
    Vegard ØlstørnNo Gravatar 1. november 2012 at 16:45 #

    And this comment is made in G+ 🙂

  2. PatrikNo Gravatar 3. november 2012 at 07:13 #

    Dette var jeg ikke klar over at det gikk an å gjøre. Hadde ønsket en plugin der man kunde sende sitt wordpress innlegg til alle sosiale mediene istedenfor google + sitt innlegg. Men det fine hær er ju at man trenger kun å vare sosial på google plus.
    Patrik siste bloggpost..WordPress På NorskMy Profile

    • Vegard ØlstørnNo Gravatar 3. november 2012 at 09:50 #

      Ja, ikke sant? Dette er jo veldig avhengig av hva den enkelte foretrekker, men for meg funker dette veldig bra. 🙂 Litt svakheter med posting av videoer fra G+ – de vises ikke på mobile browsere uten litt redigering. Tror dette blir fikset snart av utvikleren. Det er iallefall et kjent problem for han.

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