The Scientific Power of Thought

This was a nice video explaining quickly how imagination and action activates the same neural pathways in our brains. Related to physical therapy treatments this means that patients can imagine movements and it will influence the physical action of that movement. If moving the right hand is painful, it is possible to use this in a graded, structured way to first imagine movement of the arm, without the brain producing pain, via mirrortherapy without producing pain, and later end at physical moving the arm painfree.

I got this via #Noigroup  

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2 Responses to The Scientific Power of Thought

  1. Denis Wallez
    Denis WallezNo Gravatar 23. januar 2013 at 09:51 #

    Visualisation is often used by athletes, not just for motivation (seeing themselves win) but also for cultivation of the 'perfect' movement.

  2. Vegard Ølstørn
    Vegard ØlstørnNo Gravatar 23. januar 2013 at 10:03 #

    Thanks for the insight +Denis Wallez. I guess this knowledge will be even more fine tuned in the future and the usage of it, I imagine, will be more than exciting 🙂

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