Classification based cognitive functional therapy for back pain

+BodyInMind has a blogpost covering +Kjartan Vibe Fersum latest research article on cognitve functional therapy for back pain.

"Through the CFT program I have learnt that my back isn’t damaged – I now realise that my whole nervous system was really wound up. I have learnt to relax and move normally again, I don’t fear movement now – my mindset has changed. Best of all I can go out for dinner, I can exercise and am now back doing my job. I still flare up when I am stressed but I don’t worry about it so much – the pain doesn’t limit my life like it did.

Looking back I now realise that for 8 years I was living with fear, I had lost confidence in my body and I was continually protecting my back by tensing it because I thought it was damaged. I avoided things that hurt, I couldn’t relax – I was so stressed.’"


Efficacy of CB-CFT in patients with NSCLBP
Efficacy of classification-based cognitive functional therapy in patients with non-specific chronic low back pain: A randomized controlled trial. This approach represents a person centred, body/mind …

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    Thanks for the mention..:)

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