Internet based Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for severe health anxiety RCT

Internet based Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for severe health anxiety RCT

This study found that internet based CBT was efficacious treatment for hypochondriasis. It is exciting that this form of treatment, where the patients are placed in front of their computers in a safe context at home, is efficacious. This increase the accessability and availability of CBT for hypochondriasis. Thanks to +Raymund Kho K.D. for this.

The treatment was based on a CBT model for health anxiety,emphasising the role of avoidance and safety behaviours, internal focus and interpretations of bodily sensations as signs of serious illness as maintaining factors of hypochondriasis.14,28 In addition,the treatment included mindfulness training as a means of acquiring skills to help participants expose themselves to bodily sensations without seeking reassurance.29 The basic rationale for including mindfulness was that attempts to divert attention from bodily sensations – a common strategy for people with hypochondriasis – may actually be an avoidance response that strengthens the influence of the bodily sensations and increases attention to them.29 The mindfulness training was entirely focused on teaching participants to observe their bodily sensations without trying to control them.

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