+Zac Cupples on Graded Motor Imagery@noigroup

+Zac Cupples on Graded Motor Imagery@noigroup

Before GMI is implemented, the patient must first be educated on pain. Educating patients on pain physiology has been shown to have many benefits including decreased pain thresholds, improved pain beliefs and attitudes, and improving outcomes of therapeutic approaches.

The big keys that must be advocated include that the brain changes undergone with pain experiences do not equal brain damage. The nervous system is just unhealthy. These effects are reversible and take time. It is similar to learning to play a musical instrument. Jimmy Page didn’t become a great guitarist practicing two times a week for 4 weeks.

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Graded Motor Imagery
I recently attended another great course through the NOI Group called “Graded Motor Imagery” (GMI) taught by Bob Johnson. These guys are the industry leaders in all things pain so please check them……

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