+Diane Jacobs writes from CPA congressLet's face it

+Diane Jacobs writes from CPA congress

Let's face it. Moseley is a PT rockstar. He has done more to move PT along toward taking on and dealing directly with pain science than any other PT in our profession's history. I mean, there are many distinguished PTs in pain research, but somehow this goofy self-deprecating Aussie with a lopsided grin, many droll stories about pain, knack for telling them, and a canny way of inserting them into presentations to serve as teaching tools, has charmed the profession out of the mesodermal coma it was born into – at least it looks like he might have.

Moseley is coming to Norway for 2 days in September.

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  1. Diane Jacobs
    Diane JacobsNo Gravatar 27. mai 2013 at 12:11 #

    Thank you for sharing this.

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