Science-based Manual Therapy 2.0

quote from +Adam Bjerre all credits to him and +Diane Jacobs 

This rational comment regarding a quarrel over manual methods and their rationale for painful problems from +Diane Jacobs deserves to be accentuated:

”There are no "superior methods" – there are only explanatory models: some leave people who are in pain, with control, and some remove control from them.

There is no kind of contact that is any better than any other kind. There is only a fast kind and a slow kind, a heavy kind and a light kind, a perpendicular kind and a lateral, parallel kind. 

There will always be exteroceptively sensitive skin: it will either be forever in the way of your model, or you can accept it's there, decide to befriend it, change your explanatory model. You can either (erroneously, according to me) leave it out of your explanatory model, or you can account for it. 

You either pay attention to the nervous system and its sensory array, or you don't. You either factor it in, or you leave it out. Your choice. I've settled for an explanatory model that can account for pain while still make sense of how variable it can be. 

I wouldn't be a workshop teacher if I hadn't been dragged into it. There are no plans to build any modality empire. There are only plans to inform and leave participants with decisions they can make all on their own. 

Thank you for your interest.”


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