The Realities of Pain as a Public Health and Social Issue

Brilliant piece of writing on pain.

Dr. Carr used the example of a cathedral being built from a pile of bricks. While bricks are relevant to a cathedral, they do not explain the purpose of a cathedral. He stated that this concept is important for explaining why the notion that understanding pain has a start with a biochemical basis may be flawed. The areas of the brain that light up when someone is experiencing pain are the same areas that light up when watching someone else experiencing pain — pain is primarily a social phenomena. He explained that social interaction, which is most widely used and has no side effects, is the perfect analgesia. When a child bumps his head and is crying, the mother will nurture the child, and the pain goes away in the vast majority of incidents. Social inclusion is critical in the process of pain, and pain is linked with stigma or humiliation.

Thanks to +Sigurd Mikkelsen for this.

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PAINWeek 2012 Conference Keynote Address The Realities of Pain as a Public Health and Social Issue
Daniel B. Carr, MD, of Tufts University School of Medicine delivered a keynote address titled Have We Been Backwards, Upside Down, or Both at the opening session for PAINWeek 2012. He advocated teaching about pain by emphasizing the reality of pain as populationbased, intersubjective, and with an important moral dimension, rather than beginning by focusing on nociceptors and the biochemistry of pain. This perspective will allow students to face d…

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