This is What Pain Looks Like

Pain feels like whatever the person in pain says it feels like. I like to work with patients in a bio-psycho-social model and, when appropriate, to desensitze the nervous system I try to be creative and use a range of different techniques. 

With this patient we used the patient's passion for drawing while talking about different aspects of pain with the goal to calm down fear avoidance and catastrofic beliefs (short version of it :)). In one of the sessions I asked the patient to draw the pain and the image below is the result.  

Pain is very complex and this drawing gives a nice visual impression of one person in pain. My interpretation of this art is that the pain talks nonsense to the patient, the arm feels like it does not belong to the body, it burns, it is scary, it triggers anxiety and it 'stinks'.

The good thing is that even these patients get better 🙂

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