Zeitgeist Q&A with +Larry Page

Zeitgeist Q&A with +Larry Page

Thanks to +John Kellden for sharing this earlier today. It is a great Q&A again, and it is very inspiring to hear this man speaking 🙂

Fav quotes on employees' satisfaction from a health-creativity perspective (free translation):
We are trying to treat our employees as owners and how we think workers will be treated 10 years from now.
We want every worker to have the choice not to work and  we want them still to work for us because they feel they are doing something great and/or important.

+Ole Reidar Johansen you will find your soulmate from 28.24 when it comes to online education, testing etc 🙂 (http://youtu.be/4Mzlp6mIaC4?t=28m24s)

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  1. Ole Reidar Johansen
    Ole Reidar JohansenNo Gravatar 20. mai 2013 at 23:37 #

    I like Larry 🙂

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