Is WiFi destroying your brain?

A good read on Wifi destroying your brain…or not 🙂

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This effect has a name: it’s called the nocebo effect, the “evil twin” of the placebo effect, defined as “the power of our conviction to cause real physical illness.” Sound familiar? Truly, it takes little common sense and merely a glimpse at the totality of the human experiment – along with many other easily available studies – to see the overarching pattern, to understand the nocebo effect to be exceedingly true not merely for technology, but also for food, love, religion, health, fate and much of human life overall.

There is no easy answer. But it is a question, a daily inquiry posed by spiritual practices all over the world: Is life really a miserable hellstorm of abuse and suffering, or is it merely the result of how you choose to view and respond to it? What’s really true and what’s a matter of conditioning, expectation, fear, ingrained weakness and self-imposed victimhood? Shall we do some more research, or is the WiFi giving you a headache?

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Is WiFi destroying your brain? | Notes & Errata by Mark Morford | an blog CmfThirdPartyHeader – SFGate

Is WiFi destroying your brain?

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