No Magic Answers for Achilles Tendinopathy

Much of what we think is fact in sport is hype, based often on weak science, but mostly on extrapolation from observation. People in sport are forever looking for that extra added magic ingredient to set them apart. Complicit and gullible because they want to believe.  They follow the training programme, wear the headband, chase the logo the champions wear. It is no surprise that they take the drink, buy the supplement, wear the shoe, or do the exercise endorsed by champions. Ever susceptible, suggestible—looking for an easy way, its human nature.  So, it was no surprise to see the hype surrounding yet another product on the margin. This was the next big thing—an injection to cure one of the most common and troublesome injuries.

via +Sigurd Mikkelsen 
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Domhnall MacAuley: No magic answer for Achilles tendinopathy

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