Louis Gifford's notion of pink flags

via Marius Stenhaug and +Sigurd Mikkelsen 

"It’s easy, take the yellow flags and paint them PINK… If they come in yellow with the patient – work out how to make them shift to pink. Good rehabilitation, good management, good explanation, reaching targets, helping the pain, better pain management, keeping going etc etc… Here’s an example for the ‘A’ in the ABCDEFW:

Pink flag ‘A’: Attitudes and Beliefs

– Low fear, low concern about pain.

– Belief that to keep going at work and normal activities helps recovery.

– Expectation that being active will eventually lead to quicker recovery even though exacerbations may occur.

– Believing that you’re going to get better and that you will get back to all previous activities.

– Belief that pain is quite manageable and controllable.

– Desire to be involved in one’s own recovery and not reliant on medical management – that one’s own biology will do the job far better in the end and that there is no such thing as a magic fix.

– Belief that pain does not mean harm."

Read the whole editorial here: http://bit.ly/1aR7oWi and check out the rest of his new blog www.giffordsachesandpains.com where he shares 30 years of writing.

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Louis Gifford’s notion of pink flags.
Great find from Marius Lind Stenhaug – thanks! Louis Gifford wrote an editorial in Physiotherapy Pain Association in 2005, addressing the issue that we tend to focus more on what is wrong (i. e. pathology), than what can go right. For example we know that identification of yellow flags is …

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