Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett: Book Review

Great critical review of Kelly Starrett's bestseller book over at largely about how to move and exercise "correct" to prevent injury and pain. 

What is the harm? A good question is what is the harm: I wouldn’t be bothered much if this was like another training method to make you bigger, faster, or stronger. My stance has always been we don’t much evidence for the best program and there is no harm in trying it out for a few weeks. But this is way different, The problem here is that these sort of recommendations which are re-enforcing people beliefs that the pain comes from joints, movement and posture are just exactly what the modern pain science has shown to be the problem and is trying hard to eradicate. The more you talk about biomechanics, joints and movements, the more you are raising the threat level in the brain and making the pain chronic. This is exact reason why current pain science involves educational sessions to re-think and change their beliefs about the role of muscle, joint in pain and minimize the fear of movements and posture. And also educate them about the the role of the nervous system and brain in maintaining pain. Just changing the beliefs about pain has been now shown to lower pain, disability score and improve ROM and movement (1). How cool is that?

Kelly loves to talk (podcast & videos) and write about the Japanese swordsman who lived 350 years back and who said to make your combat stance your everyday stance. I am like, for heaven’s sake, forget the Japanese fisherman books and please read Patrick Wall, Melzack, Moseley, Louis Gifford who are the pioneers in pain science and who have been talking only about the biopysycosocial model of pain since 1970! :

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h/t +Sigurd Mikkelsen (@sigmik)

Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett: Book Review | Exercise Biology
Becoming a Supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett is a ntional best seller. Here is my book review of Kelly Starr

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