Sensitization and Catastrophizing

" Coincidentally, the day after I wrote the above, an article by Salomons and colleagues was published online in Pain, providing experimental confirmation of what I learned through direct experience. In this study, repeated thermal stimuli were applied to participants' forearms, producing hyperalgesia. Half the participants were given a cognitive intervention to reduce their stress response to the painful stimuli by identifying negative cognitions and reappraising the situation. In comparison with a control condition, the cognitive intervention led to reduced unpleasantness ratings. The authors conclude, "Reduction in secondary hyperalgesia was associated with reduced pain catastrophizing, suggesting that changes in central sensitization are related to changes in pain-related cognitions. Thus, we demonstrate that central sensitization can be modified volitionally by altering pain-related thoughts."

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Sensitization and Catastrophizing: Introspection Confirmed Experimentally
I had a strange experience recently. My own reaction to it seemed interesting enough to warrant closer examination, and that, in turn, led to a useful insight. Eighteenth century philosophers recognized the limitations of such introspection, but it continues to be a source of psychological …

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